At this time of each year we are reminded of how quickly time passes by; or in some instances how life passes us by. I make this small distinction because we have control over our destiny, to some or other level of influence. Generally the more proactive we are the more we influence.

I have learnt many life lessons living in Slovenia (central Europe) the past 11 years. Europeans I have found value life experiences more than material accumulation. I am often reminded that when you older you never regret what you’ve done but what you have NOT done.

The picture below is of the main square in Ljubljana. I am a little biased but not far off when I score Ljubljana as the best city to visit in Europe. Ljubljana was voted the green capital of Europe for the past 2 years.


Ljubljana city is beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and numerous stores selling food, drinks and small Christmas gifts; mostly hand made.


I sincerely wish that we create a Powder Keg family and that we meet not only at The Powder Keg but when your family visits central Europe.


Christmas is a time of reflection, worship, celebrations and enjoying family time; something we at The Powder Keg relate to because our team has instilled family values of honesty, integrity and respect for others.

The vision of the Powder Keg will be further entrenched in 2017,  to be the best run and most respected shooting outfitter in South Africa for the benefit of our customers.

Best wishes to all for a merry Christmas and may you make 2017 everything that you want it to be!