Visit The Powder Keg and see why Kahles is considered best in class. Kahles produce a premium 1″ scope with illuminated reticles.  Many hunters are upgrading to Helia 3 without the need to change their mounts. The 1″ tube transmits the same light as a 30 mm tube. Many customers choose the slimmer design to match their rifle and lower mounting.

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Kahles carefully considered their line of 30 mm scopes (CSX / CBX / Helia 5) and decided to standardize on a single range of premium 30 mm scopes (launched at IWA). The current range of 30 mm scopes are standout best in class when considering value for price, but we applaud this strategic direction of Kahles. We selling all stocks of premium 30 mm Kahles scopes at our cost in preparation for the standardized range.

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Long range shooters world over are literally going crazy about the K624i. The American market is taking every unit that is available. Vienna is supporting The Powder Keg initiatives on the hunting range of optics by giving us stocks of K624i, albeit a longer lead time. Kahles hunting optics have the same quality of lens, innovation and Austrian workmanship as does the K624i, it is only a matter of time before all hunters make the obvious choice in the Helia range of optics.

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Great news from Kahles is that the K16i, previously only available to law enforcement is now available to the civilian market. The special design of the K16i makes it the most robust scope in its class. The wide field of view, lens clarity and 1-6 magnification with reticle in the 2nd plane make this a winner for driven hunts or close-up encounters.


I had the bad habit of not using binoculars when hunting. I never had quality binoculars as a young hunter and got by spotting through my rifle scope. Now that I recognize the value of hunting with binoculars I just could not get used to the bulk and weight around my neck, irrespective of straps or shoulder harnesses. The compact and light weight high lens quality Kahles binoculars have changed my world; I am a better hunter for that.

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Kahles have pioneered many new innovations in rifle scopes. Their optical clarity and robustness is evident in scopes of more than 50 years old, allowing a worthwhile investment in color case hardening of steel tubes of old optics! Not for sale but for the soul; and to recognize Kahles the pioneer.