40 years The Powder Keg and we still delighting our customers. ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW, but still the best products we find are based on user experiences. Overnight success is a myth, maybe in shooting there is the “magic bullet” but at The Powder Keg, we focus on getting better and better every day.

The Powder Keg

Our vision is to be the best run and most respected shooting outfitter in South Africa for our customers. Our mission is to provide customers with the highest value price-to-performance equipment and service. We try new opportunities, we are not afraid to succeedJ

Our team has diverse experiences and backgrounds. Our customers are diverse and we need to be also. At The Powder Keg, we recognise that the best way to grow is to keep moving forward. Making small continual improvements every day will be compounded over time.

At The Powder Keg, we are two complimenting leaderships.  Paul Luff and his team bring their passion, knowledge and customer focus to growing the business and ensuring that every day we are better than the day before.  They are the face to the customer.

The Powder Keg Team

My European locality and core competencies allow me to engage in new ventures in addition to the traditional business of The Powder Keg (related adjacencies); we are constantly seeking new approaches.

We focus on win-win partnerships. Our growth is driven by innovative partnerships, inclusive of suppliers and customers, more than by innovative products alone. We connect on an emotional level in order to cultivate the partnerships that matter.


In 2016 we secured exclusive product representations. I visited IWA this year more intent to consolidate our supply partnerships than seeking new. This might appear contradictory to bringing new innovative products, but we focused on perfection before moving forward.

The past, “our hearts beat for the season”. We changed our traditional fixed mindset on hunting to include disciplines such as sports shooting. We investing an immense amount of time to develop a growth mindset, acquire new knowledge, and learn new skills in all shooting disciplines.  The Kahles 624i below.

Kahles 624i

The Powder Keg purchased the property next door in Hendrik Potgieter Road to add flexibility to our growth plans. We keeping options open for as long as possible, enabling many different paths forward. We have many opportunities owning this premises, what matters is that we choose right.

We recently introduced family safaris and tourism to Europe. Travel is expensive and customers wanted the ability to link family time, hunting and tourism. Our goal is to have discerning hunters and sports shooters see a NEW WORLD rather than seeing an OLD WORLD better. Hunting in snow should be on your bucket list.

Hunting in snow

The Powder Keg aims to get more women hunters active in SA. Together with Extreme Desires (American TV outdoors programme), we will host a women hunter’s forum on 4th May 2017 in order to get more women outdoors, gun in hand. My daughter under the watchful eye of Dave Hurr.

Dave Hurr

A repeat request from customers is written down and followed through. Some thought we only represent high-end exclusive products, not correct! We represent 2 carefully chosen brands in each product segment, a product in the entry level segment and the other in the premium segment. Delta Optics best in class.

Delta Optics

We are not waiting for the planets to align. We quickly implement new ideas and products, if they do not gain customer interest within 100 days then we drop them and keep moving. We get to the market sooner vs. “analysis paralysis” because speed has its rewards.

In our first 12 months, we spent more sweat than money. We spent carefully and we used equity wisely when seeking supply partners and service providers. We built and paid only for what was needed! All along we continue to improve customer experiences “customers first, always”.  Customers for life.


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