The Powder Keg strategy for Huntex is focused on brand awareness and brand building of products that we represent exclusively or those products that are differentiated. We will not duplicate our store at Huntex; we are focused on long term value creation and not short term commercial suicide.


The main reason that The Powder Keg will exhibit is to create brand awareness of those brands that we represent exclusively AND where these brands are not exhibiting themselves.

The Powder Keg does what it believes is the right thing vs. “follow the crowd”. To be noticed you must step outside of the crowd or else you are lost in the noise. Huntex in the past was a commercial playground of specials which in our opinion is short term commercial suicide or simply marketing ignorance.

The Powder Keg as seen from Hendrik Potgieter Road

The Powder Keg has chosen a hybrid approach in order to cater for visitor expectations.  We will sell 1 model (max 2)  in each of the brands that we represent at special pricing. We will communicate in advance on Facebook those Huntex  promotional products and prices allowing allocated stock to be sold to our existing customer base before Huntex. Key benefits – loyalty to existing customers and limiting the distraction caused by selling at Huntex.

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