The Powder Keg team was privileged to have the team from Balistix present the benefits and features of Balistix bullets to a few of our important customers. I have been testing these bullets in Europe for a few months already with exceptional results in accuracy and on many wild boar.

Lance Stevens of Lance Stevens Precision Rifles did the presentation. Key criteria in our 2 brand strategy is choosing carefully the product that is the highest value-price-to-performance AND having a a chemistry with the organization behind the product (competence and ethics).  Lance Stevens and his team will conquer and we partner with winners.

Reasons I switched 100% to Balistix 1) rebated boat tail, accuracy of a flat base and BC of a botail 2) HBN coating, far superior than Molly, increases barrel life, reduces pressures, significantly reduces copper fouling and results in a lower velocity spread, especially between hot and cold bore shots 3) ogive before the bands 4) smooth bullet seating for concentric alignment 5) drive bands (not a grooved bullet) reducing the bearing surface and friction 6) accuracy 7) instant kills with minimal meat damage.

In addition, reasons why The Powder Keg will carry Balistix is 1) the people behind the organization (passion / competence / humility / values)  2) they have carefully chosen bullet weights with limited design variations (fewer SKU’s). Customers must know that when they develop a load there will be stock availability. Retailers can invest their capital in a smaller range, meaning more stock and permanent availability.

Those businesses that listen to their customers will succeed. Balistix is such a manufacturer. Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career; the Powder Keg aligns with businesses passionate about what they do. The evening closed with a small bite and chat under the open skies, not quite the bosveld but not bad for 500m off the N1 (Gordon off-ramp).  Balistix team, you are great;  but our customers are KING.