Firstly, those who question the link between guns and pumpkin seed oil – our business is about LIFESTYLE.  Fine guns and great health are intertwined in my lifestyle.   

Pumpkin seed oil is about its taste and nutrients. Early stages of prostatitis 10 years ago and today without any other medication my readings are equal to the average for the age category 20-25.  I religiously enjoy pumpkin seed oil – I am addicted to the taste, recipes using it; and now the health benefits are just a bonus.

The signature gun of The Powder Keg is a 500NE, but soon the real “lead in the chamber” may be the world’s best pumpkin seed oil. Our basket of lifestyle products will continuously be added to.

No matter your industry, the products and services you sell often take on a life of their own. What does not change is fulfilling customer hopes, wants and desires. The arrival of our pumpkin seed oil could help underlying health issues, and in particular early prostate problems. The taste is addictive – the no.1 reason that this product is sold. 

In 2016 The Powder Keg ran a Halloween promotion. Maybe destinies are predetermined and just maybe The Powder Keg lifestyle products was intended to go beyond fine guns into differentiated products.

Or is it just that I got tired of carrying bottles of Kocbek oil with my every trip to SA? At least I learnt some lessons, no-one ever wanted a cheaper oil, this was validation to partner with the worlds best!

The same as you get guns and then you get fine guns; you get pumpkin seed oil and then you get quality pumpkin seed oil.  The 2 main distinguishing characteristics of pumpkin seed oil are its TASTE AND HEALTH VALUE. Modern processes and poor quality seeds mean most producers reach too high temperatures that destroy its goodness; AND most suppliers are blending in order to reduce costs.   

Pumpkin seed oil was first produced in Slovenia.  Today Slovenia and Austria are regarded as having the highest quality. We chose the leading quality supplier in Slovenia and arguably in the world – Kocbek pumpkin seed oil; now in its 3rd generation and still employing the traditional methods of milling with original stone mills.

All the pumpkin seeds used by Kocbek come from farmers within a radius of 45 km of their mill. Interestingly, a family from Australia took pumpkin seeds from the Stajerska region to Australia, grew them and produced oil from them. They could not replicate the Kocbek taste!

With the oldest tradition, heart and experience, Kocbek unique unrefined oils of the highest quality will soon reach South Africa. Our relationship with Kocbek is no different to other Powder Keg supplier partnerships where the product and the people behind the organization are key selection criteria.

You will taste the high quality of Kocbek oil in many culinary offerings.  See the Kocbek website for some recipes  Top chefs around the world are using Kocbek oils. You will find Kocbek oil in top restaurants from Hong Kong to Dubai to Australia  (and South Africa in 2018).

We were too late for Christmas 2017; we say if you cannot afford a Spendal custom gun as a Christmas gift then the next best thing is a bottle of Kocbek pumpkin seed oil.  I traveled the world for many years and always carried a bottle of Kocbek oil with me; what was over was my departing present to special friends.

This is what a pumpkin looks like after a 500 NE pill passes gently through it.  This is a bit how my prostate felt 10 years ago; today I will go head to head with any 20 year old with regard to prostate condition (and I am prepared to prove it provided you have a sense of humor).

I cannot say that pure unrefined pumpkin seed oil was my cure, but I can say that I used no other medication. Check with Dr Google and make your own conclusions; natural remedies in preventative healthcare resonate with me.  

Good health is like a white Christmas.  Live in the moment and don’t skimp on good flavors and good health.  Users of Kocbek unique unrefined oils never go back to other oils; and this is the AllesMooi mantra – customers for LIFE.

Are we trying to sell the product? Yes, after-all our business is about delivering lifestyle value. Are we trying to “flog” the product? No, that would be a case of chasing money by selling cheaper blended oils.

You need 6 kg of pumpkin seed oil for 1 liter of cold pressed oil and 3 kg of pumpkin seeds for 1 liter of hot pressed oil. Cold pressed oil is lighter in color and does not have the deep roasted flavor of hot milled oils. Kocbek hot milled process takes place between 100 – 110C ensuring the maximum preservation of nutrients.

We took a random sample of different producers cold pressed oil and NONE were cold pressed. AllesMooi products are what the label says. Rejuvenation of youth in a splash of pumpkin seed oil.