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Hunting on Long Island (Dugi Otok) – Croatia

Hunting is about sharing great moments with friends and proving out the gear that we are so passionate about.  Our experience started on the road, travelling 400 km from Ljubljana before reaching the Ferry point in Zadar. I believed that Slovenes taking food with them to skiing venues etc. was “cheap”. How wrong could I […]


Straight shooting as we reflect on 2017

Another year has come and gone and we are left to ponder “did we grow the business or did we just exist”?  Human self–reflection is the capacity of humans to exercise introspection and the willingness to learn more about their fundamental nature, purpose and essence. Without this capacity we are beast? I am skeptical of businesses that do […]

The finest 2018 “gun” calendar

The Powder Keg teamed up with Ales Spendal to produce the finest 2018 calendar in the gun trade; a limited print of 100 copies (600 x 450 in 300 gram paper).  You can view the full calendar in PDF format on our website under DOWNLOADS (INFO menu item). The Powder Keg invests in Ales Spendal […]

Real bullets coming to South Africa in 2018

Firstly, those who question the link between guns and pumpkin seed oil – our business is about LIFESTYLE.  Fine guns and great health are intertwined in my lifestyle.    Pumpkin seed oil is about its taste and nutrients. Early stages of prostatitis 10 years ago and today without any other medication my readings are equal to the […]

Going ballistic, or should we say Balistix

The Powder Keg team was privileged to have the team from Balistix present the benefits and features of Balistix bullets to a few of our important customers. I have been testing these bullets in Europe for a few months already with exceptional results in accuracy and on many wild boar. Lance Stevens of Lance Stevens […]

ALRHA shoot – long range optics on display

The Powder Keg was privileged to exhibit its long range optics at the African Long Range Hunters Association’s (ALRHA) year end shoot in Parys this past Saturday (2 December 2017). Not even the rain could dampen the enthusiasm which Paul Luff described as contagious. Many shooters sheltering from the rain in the Gazebo used the […]

The value of quality clothing

A life lesson I learnt coming to Slovenia was the value of good clothing.  10 years back Jeff and I (Jeff was the American Military Attache to Slovenia) were picked up by a Slovene General to go climb Triglav, the highest mountain peak in Slovenia. We were told in no uncertain terms that our cotton […]

The Powder Keg expands into Safari and Tourism Central Europe

Investing in a historic settlement on a small hill in the Vipava Valley near the border with Italy. It is historically one of the most interesting places in the area.  The houses in this village are clustered inside a defense wall around a castle from the late 15th century, built to protect the residents against […]

Driven hunt and tactical scope

We received a consignment of Kahles K16 scopes. This scope was previously only available to law enforcement. A wide field of view (true 1 power), proven robustness and optical perfection. This is easily the best driven hunt scope and perfect for tactical shooting disciplines. The benefits of a reflex sight and a scope in one.