Peregrine Bullets™ has officially been designing hunting bullets since 2009, but our story starts earlier with an alliance between two passionate hunters with the dream of conquering where everyone else had failed.

In 1986 the renowned South African hunter, Adriaan Rall, teamed up with Louis Nel, who was the founder of a South African based bullet manufacturing company called Goodnel Bullets. The two-man team made a pact that they would create a monolithic that would overcome not only the various issues associated with lead bullets but also the difficulties that were posed by the coper based monolithic bullets of the time.

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The introduction above is a short extract from the Peregrine website that is truly comprehensive and professional. We encourage all our customers to spend quality time on this website.

The Powder Keg strategy in reloading was to select two lines of components, a product of highest performance and a product of best value in a lower cost category.  We decided early on to focus our effort in:

– Defining component selection to ensure our definition and opinion of best in class components matched closely that of our customers,
– Investing in fewer brands in order to rather have a more comprehensive inventory of selected products recognising customers need of availability for their developed loads.

The above strategy shows The Powder Keg leadership philosophy of 2 balls in the hand vs. 20 in the air; our strength was never intended to be measured by the number of brands that we represent but rather in our careful selection of partners and building confidence with our customers by delivering benefits, features and value in the products we sell.

The Powder Keg chose Peregrine bullets™ in the segment of highest performing bullets. The advantage of having Peregrine produced locally, although important, was secondary to our overriding selection criteria of bullet performance.

A further critical requirement in our selection of Peregrine bullets™ was an understanding of the people behind the company. It was important in The Powder Keg selection to have a long term partnership with a company of high ethics and the capacity for continuous improvement. Peregrine exceeded our expectations in all dimensions and so became The Powder Keg premium bullet of choice.