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The Powder Keg has received stock of the full range of Kahles hunting optics. The Powder Keg chose Kahles hunting optics because they are stand-out best in class when evaluated by the ratio of price and quality. KAHLES has pioneered and continued to be the leader in rifle scope innovation:

-1949 KAHLES developed the first variable rifle scopes
-1960 KAHLES developed the first waterproofed rifle scopes
-1972 KAHLES-AMV coating offered the first rifle scopes with light transmission of more than 90 percent
-2005 KAHLES multizero TM ballistic elevation adjustment opened a new era in precision shooting
-2007 KAHLES developed the worlds first intelligent on-off mechanism for illuminated rifle scope reticles
-2014 KAHLES achieved 50x magnification with the K1050 model
-2015 KAHLES presented patented ballistic drop compensation

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