The Powder Keg has invested in a GRULLA FAMILY PAIR to showcase. A Pair is typically 2 identical shotguns, the intention is that the shooter always has a spare that fits and shoots the same. The Powder Keg philosophy of family put the emphasis on a pair of shotguns for 2 generations of family like “father and son” or “husband and wife”.

216RB CAL12 310311508

We chose a combination 12/12 and 20/20 side by sides with round body side lock actions. Our selection was biased to a parent and child combination, although today the 20 Gauge popularity is soaring; and so is the popularity of the traditional side by side.

216RB 310300813 .

The model selected was the Grulla 216 RB (round body) with Purdey style engraving. Our selection included a higher quality wood and cased in leather cases.

estuche mini

Round body side lock actions are in our opinion more modern than the traditional square body actions and given our focus on younger generations we opted for the more modern round body. The round body is also in my opinion more sleek and elegant.

216RB 310300813 _

Visit The Powder Keg and see Grulla shotguns and bolt actions available for sale; also sold off a price list and made to order. The approximate time to complete a shotgun is 6 months; The Powder Keg prepares the import approval in this time so that the shipment can leave immediately that the guns are completed.