Investing in a historic settlement on a small hill in the Vipava Valley near the border with Italy. It is historically one of the most interesting places in the area.  The houses in this village are clustered inside a defense wall around a castle from the late 15th century, built to protect the residents against Ottoman raids.

The Powder Keg stone villa is on 3 levels and does not have a straight wall. The villa has been renovated keeping the original flooring and wooden beams.

In 1532 Vipavski Križ was declared a town. In 1636 a Capuchin monastery with a rich library was founded in the town and is now open to visitors.

The bedroom of the villa is situated on the top floor with beautiful views over the valleys of vineyards. Ideally this is a villa for 2 people to enjoy comfortably.

A small terrace is shaded by grape vines in summer; much needed shade from the hot days in the Vipava valley. A beautiful reminder of the surrounding vineyards.

The view from the bedroom is spectacular and relaxing. In the early morning it is not unusual to wake to a sea of fog.  The fog quickly clears onto a valley of greenery. The Powder Keg stone villa is on the south side of the village away from any highway noise on the northern side.  Other than the church bells the silence is tranquil.

The view on the Northern side is a amphitheatre of mountains and vineyards.

Walkways and infrastructure of Vipavski Križ were renovated with European funding 3 years back. No outside changes are permitted to any of the buildings. Below is an entrance to the castle.

On the middle level of the villa is a kitchen and living area. The location of the villa is perfectly situated for day visits to Venice, Trieste, Udine and obviously the magnificent Ljubljana. The capital of Slovenia is known as little Prague but in my biased opinion Ljubljana is a “nicer” city.

The bathroom is beautifully small and quaint. Fitted with a shower and no room for a bath. The villa is private with only 1 window in the bedroom having a distant view of neighbors.

The 1st level has an outside entrance and is also connected by a staircase from the middle level. Not yet renovated but ideal for wine parties and storage of bikes and scooters to get you touring the surrounds. Many houses in the village have wine cellars and this room will be similarly converted.

Materialistic and possessed with kids inheritance? Europeans invest in living life, possibly a culture formed from socialistic systems. Either way we only have 1 life and it would be beneficial to have a more balanced approach.

A perfect base to explore a beautiful region of Central Europe.  Ljubljana 50 minutes / Venice 90 minutes. Summer pricing is Euro 145 per night and a minimum of 5 nights. Wine and bicycles included.  Inquiries via the contact form