Forster Products is a company with a long history of excellence, providing quality goods since the company’s modest beginnings in a basement in 1935. Back then, the Forster brothers were designing the famous Forster 99 model airplane engines. They launched a successful business and started making and selling their wares. By 1946 they expanded, starting a gun accessory line. The first products? Precision rifle chamber Headspace Gages, Universal Sight Mounting Fixtures, and brass cartridge Case Trimmers — all top sellers to this day.

With the addition of small precision parts in the 1950s, Forster’s subcontract products became part of many fluid-and fuel-control systems, used in applications as demanding as commercial Rolls Royce airplane engines and as diverse as the Hoover Dam and the MX missile.

Today Forster continues the tradition of quality and excellence, focusing on precision reloading and gunsmithing tools for discriminating shooters.

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The Powder Keg strategy of delivering best in class brands needed refinement in our reloading components portfolio because in our opinion there was no one manufacturer who was best in class in all of the different pieces of equipment needed in the reloading process. We had to deviate from our strategy of a single best in class brand.

I found the process of reloading equipment selection fulfilling because I could transfer 35 years of “school fees” in reloading equipment purchases to our customers without them having to incur the costs and time I did in pursuit of excellence in reloading.

I own 3 beam scales in my pursuit of measuring that last grain; I even had a beam scale tuned by Scot Parker in the USA who I read tuned to sensitivity of 1 grain of powder. I own 4 case trimming devices, 3 outside neck turning devices and 3 hand primer tools etc. all in pursuit of user friendly accurate processes.

I replaced both RCBS Junior and Rockchucker presses with a Foster Co-Ax press 15 years ago and have never looked back. In my opinion the Forster Co-Ax is the best in class press in rifle ammunition loading for the following reasons:

– Self-alignment in dies; concentric dies means concentric sized cases,
– Minimal force needed to resize any calibre cases,
– Universal shell holder jaws,
– A priming mechanism that ensures proper and consistent primer seater depth,
– Ease of replacing dies; just slip in and out.

Value is a ratio of cost and benefit. One of my needs for reloading is improved accuracy, hence concentricity is the number 1 reason I consider the Forster Co-Ax press to be best in class.  Despite owning the best hand priming tools on the market I have made mistakes with primer seater depth, a reason I now default to using the Forster press for priming.

It is important to consider all the elements of cost such as the cost of lost or wounded game or a bruised ego. Hunting accuracy up to 100m is unlikely to be materially influenced by concentricity however I load in a way that I never can blame my equipment.

Visit The Powder Keg for a demonstration of Forster Co-Ax presses and see its advantages before deciding on your press purchase. The Powder Keg stock Forster equipment that are in our opinion is best value in the different processes of reloading.