Eibar is a city with industrial roots which enjoys a long gunsmithing tradition, which dates back to the 15th century, which has given it the nickname of the “Gunsmith City” of Spain. The specialisation of the region together with hardworking spirit and talent have produced an artisan product, which way back in 1932, prompted five of the best master gunsmiths of the area to start working together to develop unique pieces made by hand. This was the beginning of the prestigious brand, Grulla Armas, which still specializing in the manufacture of shotguns and rifles, aristocratic guns which represent the purest spirit of the traditional hunt and whose name has crossed borders.

This gunsmith lineage has never lost its purpose and, two generations later, Grulla Armas continues manufacturing the fine shotguns with such delicacy and quality that every part becomes unique.
The method remains the same: craftsmanship, care and passion joined with more than 80 years of experience.

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The Powder Keg need to fill the gap between quality serial guns and fully handmade individually tailored guns that take anywhere up to 4 years to complete lay in finding a manufacturer of custom serial guns that was best in class.

High quality guns are art to gun lovers and their ownership brings pleasure to our lives and many generations to follow. Custom guns are an investment that we have the pleasure of enjoyment while they increase in value.

The Powder Keg search ended in Spain, a country with a rich heritage and legacy in fine guns. Similar to the motor industry of shared platforms and outsourcing we recognised that Spanish producers offered the greatest value in the “final assembly” and customisation of precision components sourced from best in class component manufacturers. 

The Powder Keg will carry stock of Grulla custom guns for our customers to “feel and touch” the Grulla quality before ordering a Grulla custom gun of choice.

A serial custom gun bridges the costs and time taken for a fully individualised and one of a kind handmade custom gun without compromising quality, functionality and beauty.  

Similar to all The Powder Keg strategically selected supplier partnerships The Powder Keg association with Grulla was no exception. European suppliers understand the value in building long term relationships of mutual advantage because they focus on value creation for customers with profitability a mere scoresheet of that value.

 Visit the Powderkeg to see the Grulla quality and beauty and we will help you to select a Grulla custom gun that best fits your particular requirements. Delivery time will range between 6 and 12 months depending on the choice of Grulla gun.