KAHLES is known world-wide as the rifle scope pioneer and is the premium manufacturer of rifle scopes and binoculars on the international market.Established in 1898, KAHLES is the oldest scope producer in the world. Backed by a wealth of tradition they are known throughout the world for their pioneering spirit and capability to deliver exceptional quality rifle scopes and binoculars. Their products combine precision with completely reliable operation and timeless designs. All KAHLES products are manufactured under a single roof in Guntramsdorf, Austria near Vienna.

Never miss THE MOMENT!

Every shooter and observer requires a very clear image through an easy-to-use and absolutely reliable product in order to evaluate the situation the best way possible. With this defined goal in mind KHALES develop and manufacture rugged, high quality optical products that allow users precise targeting and observation at the crucial moment.

Our history and our passion for innovation make us strong.

Within the KAHLES organizational culture of engineering, quality consciousness and know-how, high class products for shooters and observers are produced. A modern production facility in Austria, which is heated and cooled completely without fossil fuels, provides a sustainable and environmentally friendly environment for the production of KHALES superior product

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At The Powder Keg we could not understand why the Kahles value was a hidden gem in South Africa; so the journey started. An introduction was made by a friend to the Global Sales Manager of Kahles who responded “until I look a person in the eyes I do not consider Kahles distribution rights”. This was a great opportunity to show the face of the new Powder Keg and to share the strategy of the business.

Kahles understood The Powder Keg strategy of selling benefits and features, a great match given Kahles optics are “fully loaded” with value.  Kahles scopes of all tube diameters are manufactured to the same high standards in the same Austrian factory. Kahles do not have 2 qualities of optics. 

There is a belief that 34mm tubes transmit more light than say 1” tubes do; this is a misconception, the main difference being that a larger tube diameter allows for greater reticle movement often needed in long range shooting. Kahles K624 scopes are recognised as world leaders in tactical long range shooting; this same optical and functional leadership runs through all Kahles hunting optics.

 At The Powder Keg we respect the customers’ choice of optic, our goal being to provide customers with relevant information giving them the best chance of making an informed purchase of their optics. Come to The Powder Keg for a demonstration of why Kahles optics is the best in class – ratio of quality to pricing – in the premium segment. We will assist you to select a Kahles model of scope that best fits your rifle and application.