Fine guns are the art that brings joy to collectors and enthusiasts. Add uniqueness to your collection with ammunition boxes and gun storage cases from Technoframes.

Technoframes are famous for their engineering design and manufacturing competence, and a flexibility to individualise. Two generations of ownership at Technoframes and a 52 year legacy in the business “shows” in the functionality and design of the ZERO range of ammunition boxes.

The ZERO range represents technical innovation and high-quality manufacturing in a product that compliments the firearms that you own. These ammunition boxes provide shooters and hunters with a safer and stronger way to store ammunition, and the design and appearance just make it a “cool” ammo box to own. The Zero range of ammunition boxes have unbeatable finishes, they are solid yet portable and can safely store up to 50 rounds. The ZERO box has a resistant foam on the inside that prevents rattling and retains cartridges even when held upside down. The frame is constructed from solid aluminium which is precision engineered to perfection. Each case is manually brushed and anodised in either black or silver.

Italian businesses have an ability to reinvent themselves and stay ahead of cheap knock offs and copies. Combine this entrepreneurial character with a renowned flair of leading trends in design and engineering precision, then you get products such as these beautiful ammunition boxes from Technoframes.

The Powder Keg Connection

The Powder Keg searches products and suppliers that can fulfill the needs of our customers who are passionate about their shooting gear. European suppliers understand long-term partnerships, a critical dynamic of whom The Powder Keg links with.

The Powder Keg and Technoframes will start with the marketing of ZERO ammunition boxes given their functional use and elegance – a perfect addition to every enthusiast’s collection of shooting gear.

All of the products that we sell are first tested and trialed; when validated we find common ground in partnership with the supplier. For those who reload this is a must to have, for everyone else who shoots a firearm it is a must to have.