Once one has got to know the soul of the hunt it’s hard to be without it. Early mornings, sunrises that no-one else will see, wonderful days in the forest where there is a relaxation that few have the luxury to experience but hunting is not without its tough days. Many mill on the mountain without contact or experience weather that refuses to let go of valuable hunting days, all of which  reminds one that without really good clothes, hunting would be even more difficult.  

Chevalier has developed hunting clothes since 1950 and has always followed the motto quality and genuine craftsmanship. This work has led to more and more even use our products to more than just hunting. Today we develop and design new products are continually to meet all requirements and preferences both the classical and modern hunter looking for.

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The value of clothing is arguably derived from the quality of material and its styling. European manufacturers of hunting clothing are leaders in the field of both the quality of the garment and its styling. 

I evaluated many ranges of clothing of different suppliers in Europe, I purchased and tested clothing from the different leading suppliers over a period of 10 years and I obtained feedback from many hunters and dealers in Europe before choosing Chevalier as the brand of choice for The Powder Keg.

My evaluations were primarily focused on the criteria of quietness, quick drying, breathability and warmth in light materials vs. heavy and bulky, comfort such as stretch around the knees, pockets for necessities and off course elegant styling.

Chevalier specialise in hunting clothes. They have a wide range of models for the different weather conditions; we have chosen from their spring, summer and autumn collections for Southern Africa conditions in traditional hunting colours of green and tobacco brown.  Many hunting areas in Europe forbid the use of camouflage as they practice the traditional values of hunting.

There are many women hunters worldwide, and growing year on year. The Powder Keg carries a range of ladies clothing that ensures every lady wearing Chevalier clothing will enjoy a complete hunting experience.

In Europe the choice of clothing is arguably more critical than the choice of firearm. This need has been at the forefront of research and development in Chevalier clothing designs. In Africa, when hunting dangerous game, the combination of hunter and firearm is the key to success, but for all non-dangerous game hunting, your choice of clothing will add significantly to your hunting experience.  

Chevalier clothing may be a hunting range of clothing, but its style and quality lends well to wearing on every occasion. Come to The Powder Keg to learn more about Chevalier’s quality and stylish collection of hunting clothing.