The Powder Keg reference to specific firearms highlights those brands that form a substantial part of our firearms product portfolio. At The Powder Keg we carry an extensive range of other firearms plus we source firearm of all makes, models and calibres.

Contact The Powder Keg or visit us to view our full range of firearms held in stock.

At The Powder Keg our customers come first, always. We would like to sell what we have in stock, but only if that matches our customers’ choice of firearm. Mutual advantage means that we rather source what our customers want vs. sell what we have; where we have a match then it is an immediate WIN WIN.

In addition to a large stock of Blaser and Mauser rifles we stock Winchester, Howa, Fabarm, Sabatti and others.

The Powder Keg no longer offers the services of storage of firearms or selling firearms on behalf of owners. This policy was forced upon us in order to have a manageable stock holding of firearms. We needed to eliminate the fog in our business created by a sheer volume of third party firearms. There may be customers who do not like this strategic change but all will respect The Powder Keg for the decision after understanding the need.