Huglu hunting firearms cooperative was founded in 1962. Today the company boasts 450 employees and exports 80% of its shotguns to more than 50 countries, included in which are the USA, France, Norway, Lebanon, Southern Africa, Chile and  the Phillipines. It is also regarded among the 10 leading production companies in the world, widely recognised for its quality.

The company also boasts an internationally valid ISO 9001 Quality management system, an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and an OHSAS 18001 Employee Health and Safety Security Management System.

With its years of experience and high standard of quality, Huglu Hunting Firearms Cooperative will continue serving hunters and collectors from all over the world.

The Powder Keg connection

Many years searching a quality shotgun affordable to aspiring sport shooters culminated in a partnership between The Powder Keg and Huglu – a partnership founded on shared values and a passion to bring the sport of shotgun shooting and hunting to every aspiring “shotgunner”. 

The choice of Huglu was more than quality and cost alone, but chemistry in shared values and a mutual discovery of the competence, passion and professional leadership of the Huglu and The Powder Keg organizations. 

The greatest partnerships are born out of recognition of the future capacity for long term success vs. the immediate; they are mutually beneficial and inclusive of the manufacturer (Huglu), the distributor (The Powder Keg) and YOU (the customer).

The Powder Keg stocks Huglu shotguns in 12 and 20 gauge, in both over and under and side by side models.  Side by side model shotguns are experiencing a massive resurgence of popularity in the field for its pure elegance, tradition and point ability. Similarly gaining popularity is the 20 gauge due to lower recoil, slim design and a greater shooting challenge than a 12 gauge.  

Huglu make a range of quality exhibition shotguns with beautiful hand engraving and highest grade stocks at a fraction of the price of other shotguns in the same class. Come to The Powder Keg to see examples of these exhibition shotguns which are available on special order.