Family Safaris

The Powder Keg focus on lifestyle considers the family because we know the importance of filling the emotional bank account of loved ones. Hunters only or a family experience, The Powder Keg will help make your lifestyle investment a unique experience. Our goal is for discerning and high-expectation South Africans to hunt and / or travel like a local, to acknowledge and enjoy a NEW WORLD rather than seeing and OLD WORLD BETTER.

The Powder Keg safaris to Central Europe are custom made to fit needs, a unique combination of responsible hunting and tourism. Travellers who have experienced a “local connection” will vouch for the benefits that such a relationship brings in planning travel, cuisine or any other experiences. Connect with The Powder Keg to experience European hospitality that is “genuinely local”.

The Powder Keg facilitates customised hunts and family holidays by helping design the best value around your budget and wishes. You provide a wish list and we prepare an offer that delivers the greatest value and experience within that budget. Pricing is transparent meaning that costs are broken down into the main categories such as transfers, hotel accommodation, animal costs etc. You will know what hotels you stay in and their costs.

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David Da Silva has been living in Slovenia for the past 12 years. He was the first non-European citizen to be admitted to a hunting family. His love for the hunt and the country, and his desire to share with others has culminated in The Powder Keg custom family safari offering. At The Powder Keg we offer the best value custom shooting gear so offering best value custom safaris and holidays was a natural fit.

David is actively engaged with the local hunting communities, they share values of responsible hunting and they promote and support conservation. European hunters are incredibly responsibility towards wildlife. In Slovenia the older hunting generation mainly speak Slovene and German, whereas the younger generation speak good English.

A hunting experience in Central Europe focuses on species in their natural environment such as Chamois in alpine mountainous terrain or Mouflon on a Croatian island.  Pig hunting can be a driven hunt or from a hide at night. Brown bear is permitted from a hide only. Hunting conditions vary depending on the game being hunted and the type of hunt. Suitable firearms will be provided to ensure that travelling is not burdened by having to take care of firearms.

Visit the BLOG (category hunting) in which David describes aspects of hunting in Slovenia.   Approximately three quarters of hunting costs are the cost of the animal, pricing is fixed by the Government based on trophy size. Further BLOGs will provide an overview of pricing which vary by animal type and the area being hunted.

Central and Eastern Europe are spectacular destinations in Europe; the landscape, the people and the history combine to make every visitors experience a truly lifelong and treasured memory. There is no better country than Slovenia to make your base.  Slovenia has a lot to offer, and being a small country you are within 1 hour of reach of either Austria, Italy, Croatia or Hungary.

The missing link is closed, The Powder Keg has partnered with Graeme Chuter of Four Seasons Travel in order to customise the sightseeing part of itineraries and deliver high quality boutique tourism. We aim to personalise your experience so that you are not a tourist but a “localised European” for the duration of your stay. A common mistake is thinking that others have the same interests as us. Graeme has not in 11 years of tourism undertaken any 2 itineraries that were the same.

Start your journey by contacting Paul Luff at The Powder Keg or clicking the “contact link” and connecting directly with David Da Silva. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the different tourism offers by clicking on the link of our tourism partner – Four Seasons Travel.