Delta Optical was established in 2002 by a group of people with passion, who for years were interested in testing optical equipment and before banding together to establish a business. As they say, there is no better way of life than to make your hobby your work.

Delta Optical also represents amazing quality to price ratio in a range of binoculars and riflescopes, which are recognized both at home and abroad and include Titanium series binoculars and riflescopes, which are popular optical equipment among hunters in Poland, Eastern and Central Europe,

The Powder Keg discovery

Building good strategy pulls on many dimensions of wisdom and experiences. The effective implementation of good strategy requires tenacity rooted in passion and some good luck. There is a saying that the more you practice the more luck you have; this could not be truer than for the Powder Keg discovery of Delta Optics.

The mid-cost range of optics manufacturers is a crowded segment … so we believed until we discovered Delta quality and reliability.  After hundreds of interviews with users of Delta optics and Delta distributors in Europe we came to learn that Delta Optics is the best in class in the ratio of price to quality in the mid-cost segment. We had created our own luck with hours of research which led to the discovery of Delta Optics, products that stood out amongst others in the mid-cost range of optics. The “fog” in the many brands of the mid-cost optics segment had become optical clarity.

Leadership in product value is a point in time- competitors are not “hanging around”. The Powder Keg choice of Delta Optics was finally decided after meeting with the owners of this Polish company – a combination of passion, competence and ethics will ensure their sustained leadership. At The Powder Keg we have a 40 year legacy of building brands by carefully selecting product value and then fostering relationships with manufacturers and customers in mutual value creation.