The WFT was developed as a precision tool built to last a lifetime (or more) and uses a source of power most people already own — a cordless or electric drill. Once adjusted to the user’s preference, it’s simply a matter of chucking it up in a drill and feeding cases in by hand — a pace of 10 cases per minute is pretty easy to maintain. The guys that are into speed report they can do twice that

The Powder Keg choice

– Case trimming requirement is characterised by 4 key elements described below:
– Case length must never exceed maximum SAAMI case length specifications,
– Uniform case length for uniform neck tension,
– Calibres requiring crimping require uniform case length in order to match the crimp groove,
– Trimming is a painful and laborious process in reloading.

Trimit and Worlds Finest Trimmer (WFT) work off the principle of indexing off the shoulder datum in order to achieve all 4 key elements. With regard to 4 above Trimit and WFT beat all other processes “hands down”. You will trim 5-6 cases with this equipment for every 1 case on a lathe process with the same or improved cut length accuracy.

Given Trimit and WFT index of the shoulder datum, cases of a calibre family can be used with die inserts of any of the other calibres in its family e.g. a 243 Win die insert can be used for other cases in the same family such as the 260 Rem or 7mm-08 or 308 Win.

An important factor in indexing off the shoulder datum is to follow the same resizing process for the batch of cases being trimmed. Changing from neck sizing to full length sizing will require different setup.

World’s Finest Trimmer (WFT1) – the model we chose from WFT has fixed calibre insert dies. WFT1 is best value for customers preferring to setup once only and never again. If they load for more than 1 calibre then they purchase a separate unit for each calibre.

To set-up trim length using WFT 1 we recommend taking a sample of say 10 cases, select the shortest (or a case that represents the preferred overall length) and use it to adjust the cutter. Never setup again unless you are changing from neck sizing to full length sizing or vice versa.

The Powder Keg stocks Trimit in both models. The lower cost model works like WFT1 but has interchangeable die inserts for different calibres and has a micrometre to facilitate small cut length adjustments. This unit is economical for customers reloading a number of different calibres with the requirement to setup for different calibres. Setup is easy. You could purchase a Trimit unit for each calibre if you did not want to setup between calibres but then it may be better to consider the lower cost WFT1.

Trimit-2 is a 3 in 1 tool that cuts to length, chamfers and deburrs inside and outside of necks. The manufacturer recommends that for this unit customers buy a calibre specific insert die vs. using the an insert die from a calibre family. This unit preforms exceptionally well after setup provided that you do not make the mistake of having the drill operate anti-clockwiseJ  If you load a lot for a specific calibre we strongly recommended to invest in Timit-2 and save valuable time in these steps.