It is not unusual for Ales Spendal to lie awake at night contemplating innovative designs for his next proto-type custom gun. It is probably fair to say that his overriding design criteria is lightweight and elegance. Whatever Ales does, his goal is to set new standards in fine custom guns. Let’s take a look at his latest pioneering build.

06- enocevna_prelamača_308Win_Princess-web

Ales chose a 308 Winchester caliber to make a rifle weighing in at a hair over 2 kg without a scope. The gun shoots sub MOA groups at 100 m using factory ammunition (RWS 165 grain HIT). Both lighter and heavier bullets are accurate in this rifle, but Ales chose 165 grain in order to get the Kahles ballistic turret rings made.

Spendal round body 308W

The Kahles Helia 3 was an obvious choice. A small elegant gun needs a classy elegant looking scope. The Helia 3 with illuminated reticles has set new standards in 1″ scopes. Ales Spendal and Kahles have much in common when it comes to pioneering groundbreaking new products. Look at the lines of this gun without optics.

03- enocevna_prelamača_308Win_Princess-web

The gun is a single breakdown gun with inside mechanism. Many Europeans ask Ales to make guns with hammers because of the nostalgia associated with the history of a hammer system. The Powder Keg requested an inside mechanism with opening by means of the lever under the trigger guard.

Spendal round body weighing 2kg

The engraving is “simple but elegant”, the product of master engravers from Ferlach Austria. Their is a small head of a Chamois, chosen because The Powder Keg considered this particular gun more marketable in Europe (single action breakdown type). The gun was primarily built as The Powder Keg signature gun to get more women involved in hunting and sport shooting, hence we consider South Africa to be a big potential also.

01- enocevna_prelamača_308Win_Princess-web (1)

The straight stock design and 308 W caliber ensures that this light gun is easy to shoot (minimal recoil). The gun is threaded for a muzzle break (included). Shooting with the break compares to shooting a .22 caliber. Spendal guns are made with high grade exhibition stocks; I have come to take this for granted and almost forget to reference it.