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Long range hunting

Distance shooting is not only a question about hunting principles, it is a question about personal skills and equipment.  I mostly sight my hunting rifles at 100 m because there are fewer ranges of longer distances. Typically hunters check their rifles at 100 m at the place of hunting. The Eastern Cape farm below was one […]

What defines a successful hunt

I previously wrote about planning for success in hunting. I started off this blog with the title “a successful hunt requires a little luck”; but found myself changing to “what defines a successful hunt”. We departed around noon from Ljubljana for Delibratska Pescara in the East of Serbia (near the border with Romania) and arrived […]

Success lies in the preparation for the hunt

We all want the perfect outcome in hunting yet few of us give attention to proper preparation for the hunt.  Success is largely determined by planning and preparation.  Yes, hunting is about the whole experience, but giving yourself the best chance of a good shot is proper for the animal, our sole and the budget.  […]

Afrikaans descriptive slang expressions hard to beat!

Eveyone gets the gist when you say “I am gatvol”.  There are times when we use the word “gatvol” to describe our irritation of “kak praat”. Below is a culmination of my irritation of media “kak praat” that got me using Afrikaans slang extensively even after living in Europe for 12 years. Risk and passion are […]

Why we decided not exhibit at Huntex 2018

What did we learn from Huntex 2017? Successful businesses reflect and adjust their strategy. We listened to what the majority of Huntex visitor expectations were.  More than 95% of customer feedback was around the expectation to buy product at discounts; or more specifically referred to as “Huntex Specials”. The purpose of The Powder Keg at […]

Top gear pick (reloading equipment) – our 2 choices explained

The purpose is not to select the 2 most important items of reloading equipment but rather to select the most standout equipment that is within reasonable cost parameters. That is in our opinion. For example, weighing of powder is a critical process in reloading, but if we do not classify a big differentiation in reasonably […]

Hunting on Long Island (Dugi Otok) – Croatia

Hunting is about sharing great moments with friends and proving out the gear that we are so passionate about.  Our experience started on the road, travelling 400 km from Ljubljana before reaching the Ferry point in Zadar. I believed that Slovenes taking food with them to skiing venues etc. was “cheap”. How wrong could I […]


Straight shooting as we reflect on 2017

Another year has come and gone and we are left to ponder “did we grow the business or did we just exist”?  Human self–reflection is the capacity of humans to exercise introspection and the willingness to learn more about their fundamental nature, purpose and essence. Without this capacity we are beast? I am skeptical of businesses that do […]

The finest 2018 “gun” calendar

The Powder Keg teamed up with Ales Spendal to produce the finest 2018 calendar in the gun trade; a limited print of 100 copies (600 x 450 in 300 gram paper).  You can view the full calendar in PDF format on our website under DOWNLOADS (INFO menu item). The Powder Keg invests in Ales Spendal […]