More than ever before the hunting industry needs ambassadors.  Social media is like a hyperactive grapevine; it requires good communication skills and self reflection to portray our industry in the positive light that it deserves.  It is less about what we do and more about what we are seen to be doing.

I support legal, ethical and responsible hunting.  I understand the contribution that hunting makes to conservation. The commercial value of hunting is a big reason that many animal species have thrived vs. becoming extinct.  

Some time back I wrote about why The Powder Keg avoids publishing pictures of shot animals.  The anti hunting groups feed off pictures of hunters posing with shot animals; especially with trophy animals. If you do not believe this then post a picture of yourself next to a trophy animal and add your contact details. See the intrusion in your and your families lives.

Unfortunately even within us hunters we get a few who destroy the good work and reputation of hunters.  I will never support those few who bring our industry into disrepute.  This extends from the field (hunting) and into the business of shooting gear.  Even at The Powder Keg we come into contact with the odd “bullshitter” from time to time who does not embrace the ethos and goodwill shared by the vast majority of hunters and sport shooters.

This weeks “bullshitters award” (substantiates The Powder Keg decision to stop the storage of firearms and the selling of 2nd hand firearms) – we received a communication about a .22 BRNO that was stored at The Powder Keg in December 2003.  After us trying to locate the owner of the rifle between 2016 and 2018 it was eventually passed to a dealer who trades in 2nd hand guns.

Emails from the “claimed owner” (different person to the original owner details in our register) were in extreme bad taste and threatening. Our responses to the “claimed owner”  were measured and respectful. We do not know any other way of doing business.  Normal people understand that it is not normal to store a firearm at a dealer for 15 years without compensation and without making contact.  Below is an award more fitting such an “ass-hole”.

Such incidents result in strategic restructuring of The Powder Keg.  We do not need to interact with such people given that we are doing everything in our power, ability, and in the utmost good faith to further the good of hunting and gun ownership; and to deliver the highest value price-to-performance gear.

On the positive side, my association with The Powder Keg has yielded great friendships and new experiences. Last week I had the privilege to show Slovenia to a gun lover and a true ambassador of hunting and shooting.  This person is now the proud owner of an Ales Spendal masterpiece, a double gun in 9.3x74R.