Hunting with Balistix in a 9.3×62 Blaser R93.

Developing a load takes time. Having developed the perfect load your component availability is key.  Balistix are proudly South African and availability is never compromised. 

A few reasons why it makes sense to start loading with Balistix bullets.  Proven in the field in Africa and Europe. Proven in hunting conditions and in 2 km long range shooting competitions.

Sick of copper fouling?  HBN covered Balistix bullets significantly reduce the amount of copper fouling allowing you to shoot more shots between cleaning, and cleaning is made easier. The bottle (below left) is a mixture of HBN and pure alcohol used to coat the barrel with HBN before shooting (run a wet patch).

Reducing the velocity spread of your loads. Competition shooters using HBN coated bullets report lower SD in their loads. Hunters count on their first shot accuracy. Hunters report that they significantly reduce the point of impact between the first and follow up shots.

Environmentally friendly 100% monolithic bullets – no lead.

Balistix bullets have a rebated boat tail giving the benefit of accuracy of a flat based bullet and improved BC for long range shooting.  Ease of bullet seating is an added bonus in this design.

Increased barrel life.  HBN coating reduces friction between barrel and bullet.  The drive band design of Balistix bullets reduce bearing surface contact between barrel and bullet.

Do not confuse Molly and HBN coating. Maybe the same objectives but HBN is resistant to the high heat generated in a barrel. Frequent cleaning of a barrel shot with bullets coated in Molly is essential.

The sun has set, the scale has tilted. Join the Balistix movement.  Shop online