Ron Spomer writings inspired me to write about the newest addition to The Powder Keg AFRICA COLLECTION, a custom break-down with Mauser action in calibres 338 Laupa Magnum and 416 Rigby. I have immense respect for Ron, and seldom disagree with his writing, BUT

Ron is big on choosing light recoiling calibres for hunting over heavier recoiling calibres because he says you shoot more accurately with less recoil and shot placement is more important than the bullet energy.

My response to Ron’s blog about “the best deer rifle is the rifle that you have”, was never published. I agreed that shot placement is a critical factor in clean kills but my point is that few hunters practice sufficiently, or have enough field experience to shoot precisely in the moment every time.

Flinching is more mental than the result of physical discomfort. Those who flinch with large calibres are likely to flinch with smaller calibres also because of the anticipation of noise and recoil. I personally choose larger calibres for hunting because I shoot equally well (or badly) with more recoil and a bigger bullet diameter (higher energy) gives me greater certainty of a clean kill.

Shooters that are averse to recoil are potentially better equipped choosing a larger calibre for hunting and fitting a silencer in countries where this is permitted or a brake where silencers are not allowed.  For the Ales Spendal break-down gun we chose a 338 for large plains game hunting and a 416 for dangerous game. These calibres share the same family of case, important in such a build.

Passion and attention to detail is evident in every Ales Spendal custom build. I am yet to see a gun from another gun maker of such high functional quality, and art to lovers and collectors of fine guns. This gun has beautiful elephant theme engravings.

The Powder Keg wanted a break-down gun with the proven Mauser action for dangerous game situations and a double square bridge to ensure the gun, mount and optic are one.  Lower cost Blaser and Mauser Mo3 break-downs are available but when choosing that one bolt action gun we chose the Mauser action.

This break-down is easily transported because it can be fit into a smaller carry case, similar to shotguns. Barrels are easily and quickly screwed in with a distinct “click” when the barrel is locked into place.

Shooters concerned about recoil google comparison values of recoil for the different calibres. Felt recoil is largely influenced by the build and stock design. The 416 barrel was fitted with a break but after shooting without the brake we were so astonished by the low felt recoil that we cut the barrel thread off.  This also eliminated any risk to mistakenly fit the 338 brake to the 416 barrel.

The Powder Keg is proud to have this Ales Spendal fine gun in our offer for high discerning customers. Perfect in the field and later an heirloom that will ensures legacies live on.  Cars and property inherited are sold over time but fine guns stay in families for many generations.