Eveyone gets the gist when you say “I am gatvol”.  There are times when we use the word “gatvol” to describe our irritation of “kak praat”. Below is a culmination of my irritation of media “kak praat” that got me using Afrikaans slang extensively even after living in Europe for 12 years.

Risk and passion are closely linked; in my opinion you cannot have either without the other.  When I entered the business of selling shooting gear I did so because of a passion, and I knew with that passion I was engaging in an arena of misinformation and division.

The Powder Keg

I am talking about anti-gun groups and animal rights activists who are either absolutely ignorant or simply unwilling to listen to or to recognize another points of view. Media exacerbates the divide between lawful and responsible gun owners and those claiming for a total ban of guns; or between ethical and responsible hunters and those claiming a total ban on hunting.

When you listen to debates in the US around gun control it is clear that everyone has taken a position. When people take positions, on both sides of the argument, their egos get embedded in those positions and it becomes impossible to make real change.  Divisions have gone beyond compromise. Hopefully proven wrong below with the upcoming summit.

I personally feel no threat from anti gun groups or so called animal rights activists, probably because of my responsible behavior with guns and my love for animals and my charitable work in the management of game.  Allow me to briefly jump into a comparison I recognized in corporate business that may explain why …

Managers not respectful of their subordinates were literally “kak bang” of their bosses.  I had immense respect for everyone in my team irrespective of their role and I had zero fear of leaders higher up in the organization.  I think that this same behavioral phenomena plays out in my passion for guns and hunting; my love for animals and guns has created a self confidence about doing the right thing that I am not intimidated by “kak praat“.

I have learnt to talk with data.  Most of the “anti” sentiment is without facts where their emotions are moved quicker than their intelligence. A friend shared a post on Facebook in which a hunter posed next to a bear in the snow and the heading was “cowardly hunter poses next to the bear he shot in hibernation”. “Strond”.

There are instances where hunting of bears is appropriate and instances where it is not appropriate. In this instance I was “die moerin” by such purposeful misrepresentation of the facts. In extreme cold conditions bears will go into a cave and sleep.  No-one enters a cave where a bear is laying up.  The most bears that I have seen were in the middle of winter and very active. It was later proven that this bear was shot in the spring of 2014.

Another friend shares misinformed social media posts about anti-hunting. Try to capture his inconsistency; he shared a post by PETA / News24 in which the entire mohair industry was placed in disrepute as a result of isolated findings with his message “what the heck is going on. Sabotage this industry and a lot of people in the Karoo are going to be out of a job”.

“Gatvol”.  I responded “similarly ethical and responsible hunting has been sabotaged by these same groups for over a decade. Like in this report on Angora goat cruelty the facts about ethical and responsible hunting have been purposefully distorted in social media …. “.

“Seriously gatvol”. I started a business in Europe www.alles-mooi.com which is based on mohair products.  I am again faced with willful misinformation for some ulterior motive. Real people with good intentions focus on solutions and work constructively to a solution while those looking to further personal and selfish agendas seek every means to reap havoc. “Gaan K”.

I learnt the meaning of “vasbyt” in the shooting industry. I carry this grit over into our mohair business in Europe. It is normal to be “gatvol” for some moments about all the “kak praat” but how I miss the days of solving stuff with a “snotklap”. What matters is that we stay on the right barrel and true to our values.